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A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma

Blaise Zabini
5 March
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Just an FYI:

Personality: Blaise is a quiet man; rarely causing a scene and preferring to be a background player. On the outside he projects the quiet, calm, malice of a Slytherin, inside he is all Italian, hot blooded and wicked. Despite his quiet nature, he has a love for stirring up trouble just to sit back and watch people scurry about. He is the typical rich child of an influential man; he believes the world should be at his beck and call.

Background on Character: Blaise is the eldest son of the Zabini family. His family still resided in their native Italy their ancestral home is situated in Milan. The elder Zabini sent his son to Hogwarts to gage how things were progressing in regards to the Dark Lord and his rise to power. Blaise absolutely hated being in the cold, clammy, northern countryside, but he is the ever serving oldest son and heir of the Zabini legacy. He became a follower of Voldemort while still at Hogwarts at his father’s behest. He doesn’t so much believe in the ideals of the Death Eaters, but he wants to stay in good grace with his father. He is a loyal follower as such, but he likes to tell people he was coerced into joining, always dancing a fine line between follower and detractor. In his heart he knows that looking out for the Zabini family is his only true cause. After spending the years after graduation lounging around his family holdings in Italy, Blaise is hiding from his mother and her matchmaking. He has no desire to marry yet, so he is back at Hogwarts to learn a trade, though he really has no monetary need to do so.

This is a character journal for a Harry Potter game. Whatever this character says or does has no bearing on the player or the PB used for this journal. This is obviously not Jonathan Rhys-Meyers’ personal journal. There ya go.